The Sanctuary Service (by M.L Andreasen)

The Sanctuary Service (by M.L Andreasen)

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When we understand that the services of the tabernacle on earth are symbolic of the higher service above and that the entire ritual and all the sacrifices on the earthly altars pointed to the true Lamb of God, the sanctuary becomes of great importance. In it the gospel is foreshadowed and some of the deep things of God revealed.
—M.L. Andreasen
By careful exposition of the Scriptures the author probes the meaning of Jesus Christ as our substitutionary sacrifice and our high priest in the heavenly courts. Andreasen's breadth of thought is stimulating, his concepts spiritually uplifting. This is a work that deserves to be an ongoing resource for Adventist study and meditation.
—William G. Johnsson

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Paper Back
Publisher: Review & Herald Publishing Association
Printed: 2006
Pages: 414

Table of Contents

1. The Sacrificial System
2. God's Sanctuaries on Earth
3. The Priesthood
4. The High Priest
5. The Levites
6. Consecration and Dedication
7. Priests and Prophets
8. Burnt Offerings
9. Meat or Meal Offerings
10. Peace Offerings
11. Sin Offerings
12. Trespass Offerings
13. The Day of Atonement
14. The Scapegoat
15. Feasts and Holy Convocations
16. The Sanctuary in Heaven
17. Prayer
18. The Law
19. The Sabbath
20. The Last Conflict
21. The Last Generation
22. The Judgment
Scripture Index
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