Refreshed Parables - (By Charles Mills) Guide Magazine

Refreshed Parables - (By Charles Mills) Guide Magazine

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Quick Overview

Do you like stories? Of course. You’re a kid! 

Jesus loved stories too, and He told lots of them. Each story was designed to do something important in the heart of everyone who listened. They taught important lessons about why Jesus came to earth, what the kingdom of heaven was like, and how we should treat other people. The stories He shared reminded everyone how much God loves us all and how we should always love and respect others. 

What kind of stories do you think Jesus would tell today if He were here on earth today? 

Not sure?  Open the book, read, enjoy, and learn!  These stories teach the same lessons Christ’s parables taught, but using kids from today. Each of the 25 stories is based on one of Jesus’ parables, and each one includes the verses from the Bible where you can find the original story. 

  • You might not be building a house on a rock, but you will love meeting wise Wes.
  • Confused by the wheat and tares?  The story about truth and lies is easy to understand.
  • Not sure what Jesus meant by a mustard seed?  That’s alright, you’ll love the story of Amber’s tiny talent. 
  • You may not know much about vineyard workers, but you know about swimming in the summer!

These are just a sample of Jesus’ parables told using kids from today. 

So what are we waiting for? Let the refreshed parables begin!