I Am a Witness (2020 Teen Devotional) - By Kalie Kelch

I Am a Witness (2020 Teen Devotional) - By Kalie Kelch

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Each of us has a unique perspective on every aspect of life. It comes from our experience as part of a family, our knowledge, and our personality. This means that our spiritual experience is also unique because we encounter Jesus in ways that are as diverse as we are as individuals. 

This is the way God made us. When Jesus tells us that we are to be witnesses for Him, it is more than a commandment; it is also a statement of fact. We can only share Jesus based on what we have seen and heard ourselves. We filter this amazing information through who we are. This devotional is a journey through the Gospels—and some chapters in the book of Acts—as seen through the eyes of the students and staff of Georgia-Cumberland Academy in Calhoun, Georgia. It will help you get to know Jesus more fully as you connect with Him through the reading of Scripture, prayer, and the testimonies of other Christians.

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