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What We Believe - Getting to know Ellen White for Teens

What We Believe - Getting to know Ellen White for Teens

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 “OK, so what do you know about Ellen White?”

The question was fairly innocuous—a simple query about a historical person posed to a group of teenagers in a Bible class. I stood at the front of the room, ready to write their responses on the smart board. What followed was a torrent of wild answers that scarcely seemed to be about the same person, or any person for that matter.

To my great delight, the students rewarded me with a biographical sketch that belonged in a game of Mad Libs:

“She hated bread.”

“Cheese is poison.”

“Stopped breathing during visions.”

“She was a bazillion years old.”

“Wrote a lot of books.”

“Didn’t like black pepper.”

“Didn’t like tea.”

“She was hit by a rock.” 

Seth Pierce does it again! In Ellen White for Teens, he takes a challenging topic and explores it with insight, wisdom, and humor—in a language that teens will understand. Topics include:

Did Ellen Ever Make Mistakes?

What’s the Difference Between Her Books and the Bible?

Are You Gonna Eat That?

Ellen and Us

Seth writes, “My prayer is that you will become a friend of Ellen’s. You may find her challenging, aggravating, beautiful, confusing, or inspiring—or all of these at the same time—but that’s true of anybody we have a close relationship with. Above all, I hope you hear a voice that will point you to Jesus. Her voice matters, and I hope you can begin to hear it in the pages of this book.”