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True Stories of Changed Lives

True Stories of Changed Lives

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Written by the President of the Central California Conference.


"Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth" ~ Revelation 14:6


  • you pray for the neighbors that drive you crazy,
  • the man with two wives is baptized,
  • a believer with a bad temper wants to overcome,
  • you’ve made a deal with the devil but want out, or
  • you discover that what you were taught was wrong?

When people encounter Jesus, lives change. Dan Serns’s Changed Lives presents a dozen true stories of real people who chose to fully open their hearts to the powerful truth of Christ’s saving grace. Each one faced incredible obstacles—from physical addictions to spiritual strangleholds—but by surrendering to the powerful promises of the Bible, the way forward became clear: Jesus.

Each short story, just two to five pages, is followed by a number of thoughtful study questions (with Bible verses and space to write answers) and opportunities to commit to transformational action. It is ideal for small groups, personal study, and new–member growth. Jesus’ final message is going around the world in preparation for his return. Now is the best time to embrace it—and share it.

Includes Bible Study Questions at the end of each chapter.