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Through the Eyes of the Ancients

Through the Eyes of the Ancients

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Are you ready to unlearn what you thought you knew?

Fully understanding words mention almost 3,000 years ago can be challenging. We tend to project our culture, our preestablished beliefs, and our language into a story. In doing so, we may miss the point of the original dialogue.

You will want your Bible in one hand and a yellow highlighter in the other when you sit down with this book. This will be a go-to resource you will revisit often.


“Written in a heart-warming and condensed story form, Through the Eyes of the Ancients is an inspirational and instructional guide that unveils how the original Hebrew audience interpreted the books of Moses. Author Dean Davis points the way by acquainting us with ancient Hebrew customs, expressions, and literary style. As we follow stories of the gradual spiritual growth of the patriarchs, we begin to better understand the heart of a tender, loving, personal God and His everlasting covenant of grace. That revelation can draw us closer to God.”

– Shelley Quinn, author and television host on Three Angels Broadcasting Network

“For those of you who wish to walk in the footsteps of God’s people, this is a book for you.”

– Jack J. Blanco, Th., D., retired dean of theology, author of The Clear Word Bible paraphrase.

“Dean Davis’s 50-plus years of mission service, pastoral care, and classroom teaching have coalesced in this volume to make available to thousands of readers what only a few Old Testament scholars know. The writing is clean and clear; the insights are fresh and vivid. In a word, this study of the Books of Moses is “accessible.”

– excerpt from introduction by Bill Knott, executive editor, Adventist Review