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Stranger in the Shadows by Charles Mills

Stranger in the Shadows by Charles Mills

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Jared saw the road level out, then begin to climb again. He squeezed his knees together and tightened his hold on the handlebars. What was the use? If Shadow Creek Ranch had no place for him, there’d be no place for him anywhere. 

Suddenly, the motorcycle burst from the forest road and sped across an open meadow high atop a flat plateau. The air rushing by was cold and clean.

“Hey! He’s not stopping!” Grandpa Hanson leaned forward, “Oh, dear Lord. No!”

From the alleys of Washington, D.C., to the valleys of Montana, a boy with a frightening past has to make a decision that will shape his future. Will Jared find the love he’s longing for? Will life ever be more than jail cells and cold, friendless streets? And does this God everyone’s talking about really exist? 

This book by Charles Mills is the fourth in the series and has three stories in one -- Attack of the Angry Legend, Stranger in the Shadows, and Planet of Joy.