Steps TO PERSONAL REVIVAL - by: Helmut Haubeil
Steps TO PERSONAL REVIVAL - by: Helmut Haubeil

Steps TO PERSONAL REVIVAL - by: Helmut Haubeil

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New Edition with 14 Day Study

by Helmut Haubeil

Do you want your area to grow spiritually and numerically? But is this really possible today? Yes, it is definitely possible. How?

“What you intend, you will not succeed by the power
of an army and not by human power:
No, my spirit will effect it!
I promise, the LORD Almighty God.”
(Zech.4:6 HFA)

How is this supposed to happen? I think we all still have to learn here. Do we also want to learn from the experiences of others? I'm convinced of it. May the Lord show us all the entire way through his Spirit.

The shared experiences through “Steps to Personal Revival” show that this booklet can be of valuable assistance. But spiritual and numerical growth requires more than just reading a booklet once or distributing it. It needs your heart’s involvement. I dare say: Your area will only go as far as you go. No one can guide another unless he himself has gone on the path before. Our lives, our prayers, our testimonies, our conversations, our influence and our sermons will be used by God. In fact, multiple reading seems to be a key: Educational research has shown that it is necessary to read such a crucial theme for our lives six to ten times before you understand it thoroughly. Try it at least once. The result will convince you.