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Spirit-Filled Coworkers of Jesus

Spirit-Filled Coworkers of Jesus

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Steps to Personal Revival #3

What does it mean to have success in life? What promises has God given us for a successful life? There is no strength in small plans. Our marvelous God wants us to think big. Do you want to be His coworker?

Helmut Haubeil shares how he learned to lead people to Christ step by step. A personal relationship with Jesus is the most valuable relationship there is. How can I show this to others? What opening question can be used to tactfully and straightforwardly get to the main issue? What tried and tested tools are available that make it significantly easier for helpers and participants when talking about faith? These valuable tools are included in the Starter-Set.

Then a spiritual-missionary concept will be introduced, which shows how we as individuals or groups, as a church or conference can victoriously advance under God’s leadership.

May God give each of us the joy of being Jesus’ spirit-filled coworker!