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Sanctuary Light - (By Nicole Parker)

Sanctuary Light - (By Nicole Parker)

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Quick Overview

What would it be like to wake up every morning to a warm cloud of light overhead, to drink water flowing miraculously from a desert boulder and eat manna every day? Most of all, how would you feel gazing at the mysterious glow of God’s visible presence at the nearby Sanctuary?

Adventure with Asher and his little sister Zara in a delightful yet sobering journey of conviction, atonement and assurance. Feel the terrible guilt of sin and the stunning grace of redemption.

Discover the glorious Sanctuary message, not just through the study of laws and diagrams, but as the emotional gospel experience it was designed to be.

Your vision of the love of God revealed in the Old Testament Sanctuary will never be the same.

With its blend of exciting story and optional thought-provoking discussion questions at the end of each chapter, Sanctuary Light is perfect for:

  • Family Worships
  • Personal Reading
  • Bible Classes
  • Homeschool Assignments
  • Ages 9-109!