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More Choices - (By Cheryl Thomas Peters, James A. Peters)

More Choices - (By Cheryl Thomas Peters, James A. Peters)

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Eat Well, Live Well

More Choices features a wealth of recipes, resources, and ideas for creating flavor-rich meals using the natural goodness of plant-based foods: vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, seeds, and whole grains. Simple instructions make it possible to create nourishing meals in minutes. Each taste-tested, plant-based recipe includes a nutritional analysis, with options to include or not include dairy products or eggs.

30-Minute Meals * Meal Planning
12 Guidelines to Health

Special features of this updated edition include Planning Healthy Meals and a shopping guide to shorten your time at the market. A new bonus section, 12 Guidelines for a Better Lifestyle, offers easy-to-follow steps for a successful transition to glowing health, based on the latest evidence from science alongside ancient health secrets from Scripture. As you explore this book, prepare to eat, enjoy, laugh, and find new vigor and wholeness.

Tasty Meals in 30 Minutes or Less!

More Choices brings together the natural goodness of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and grains to create heart-healthy meals that can be made in minutes. Each meatless recipe is low in cholesterol, fat, and sodium and loaded with great taste.

Irresistible Breakfasts Wake up to the mouth watering tastes of Belgian Waffles smothered in apricot sauce, a tangy pineapple-banana shake, or a steaming bowl of seven-grain cereal.

High-Energy Lunches Wholesome sandwiches, hearty soups, and garden fresh salads power-pack your day with long-lasting energy.

Quick and Easy Dinners Sun-dried Tomato-Red Pepper Pesto With Pasta, Spring Vegetable Curry, Fresh Tomato-Herb Pizza, and Vegetable Medley Quiche are just a few of the tempting recipes.

"Decadent" Desserts Indulge. They're all light, sumptuous, and guilt-free!