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Kidnapped in Angola

Kidnapped in Angola

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“This can’t be true; it can’t really be happening! I told myself again and again.”

Victoria Duarte’s passion for mission outweighed any fear. As a young nursing graduate, she had accepted a call to the Bongo Adventist Mission, landing her in the middle of the Angolan civil war.

The pounding on the door in the middle of the night was the beginning of an ordeal that would test her mental and physical endurance. Held captive and forcibly marched by the UNITA militia, Victoria and the other mission staff clung to their faith, finding strength and hope in the promises of God.

Victoria’s vivid narrative, Kidnapped in Angola, holds your attention from the very first page.

“I dream that other people will find out about us. I write and reflect in silence and solitude. I ask myself, why, why?’