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I Want more ______ in My Life

I Want more ______ in My Life

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October is Mental Health Awareness Month

One of these booklets will be sent FREE with every shipment during the month of October!

We can all use more of the good stuff in our lives, but...

Human Nature skews toward the negative and problem-focused.  Accordingly, much of the mental health literature today does a fantastic job of diagnosing problems.  Definitions have their place, but without strong, sustainable solutions, we simply revert to our old ways.

That's where I Want More ____ in My Life comes in.  In this booklet, diverse authors have mapped out the most coveted of positive, mental-health-building experiences.  Rest, Joy, Peace, Freedom - Who doesn't want more of those?

These authors have identified and pragmatized the path to the positives, not to invalidate that life can be hard but to give us a fighting chance to enjoy it.