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God's Truth Can Change Your Life - (By George R. Knight)

God's Truth Can Change Your Life - (By George R. Knight)

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Searching for life's meaning is universal. Every culture in every era has searched for truth; truth that answers life's big questions; truth that provides significance for daily living; truth that is certain and beyond doubt. 

But truth has come on hard times.  Have you heard somebody say it, “You have your truth and I have mine.”  Really?  

People agree that it is not wise to step out of a tenth-story window or eat certain types of mushrooms.  In fact, science and technology are built upon the proposition that truth is "out there" waiting to be discovered. 

God's Truth sets forth the idea that there is truth not only in the material world but also in the social and spiritual realms; truth that is foundational to personal and social health; truth that transforms lives. 

Bestselling author George R. Knight explains the Bible’s major themes in a manner that is both clear and brief.  As such, it not only provides a concise introduction to the teachings of history’s most influential and best-selling book, but it is also an invitation to further study. After all, there is nothing more important than understanding God’s ultimate truth about the world and our lives.

Pages: 128