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God Heals Me - Bible Study

God Heals Me - Bible Study

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My Bible Based plan for Health and Happiness

God Heals Me: My Bible-Based Plan for Health and Happiness - A fun way to learn the guidelines for health and healing in God's Word.

This powerful nine-part Bible study offers an educational and entertaining way for children to discover the practical tools God has provided for mental, physical, and spiritual healing. Using the Bible as the ultimate health guide, young readers explore effective methods for combating chronic disease and overcoming destructive thought processes while gaining a deeper understanding of God's role in their lives.

God's Health Plan, set in motion in the Garden of Eden, contains timeless instructions for living in harmony with the way we were designed to live. Today, working in partnership with modern medicine, this plan helps restore health, brings relief from doubt and fear, and energizes the mind and body for a lifetime of service to others.

Each of the nine "God Heals Me" lessons includes:

  • A compelling story that illustrates the theme for that lesson.
  • Eight fill-in-the-blanks Bible study texts (called "prescriptions") that highlight God's Health Plan along with a short commentary to drive important points home. (All texts are included in the "Bible Pharmacy" section of the course, so no other resources are needed.)
  • Four engaging and creative activities that reinforce the theme and help children put into practice what they've learned.

Use this unique Bible study course for:

  • Personal enhancement and growth
  • Homeschool learning
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Supplementing weekly health, science, or Bible classes at school Bible study at church or in small groups Bible camp worship and spiritual growth classes