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Enriching Your Marriage

Enriching Your Marriage

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’Til Death Do Us Part

Marriage. Hollywood tells us it’s about passion and romance and beautiful weddings. Yet a sparkling dress, a sharp suit, and fancy petit fours surrounded by twinkling reception lights don’t predict a healthy, successful marriage any more than getting pregnant and giving birth make someone an excellent parent.

So if a perfect wedding isn’t the key to a successful marriage, then what is?

In Enriching Your Marriage, relationship experts Drs. Claudio and Pamela Consuegra explain God’s purpose for marriage and take readers step-by-step through the best practices for healthy covenant relationships.

In this book, you will

  • spot pitfalls that can wreck a marriage,
  • explore the different core needs of men and women,
  • develop communication and conflict management skills,
  • learn best practices for finances and debt, and more.

Gain the tools necessary to build a life-giving legacy of faith and family that has a lasting impact on your entire sphere of influence for generations. Whether you’re dating, engaged, newly wed, or well into your marriage, these tools will strengthen and grow your relationship, now and for eternity.