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Addiction is a disease that affects not only the addict but also everyone who loves them.

Spouse, parents, children, friends—addicts end up hurting the ones who love them the most. It creeps into their minds: constant worry, perpetual suspicion, paranoia, and sleepless nights anticipating a phone call notifying them that their precious loved one has been arrested—or, worse, killed. Just when it seems the addict is getting better, they sink to a whole, new low. The bottom goes deeper and darker. Hope continues to erode until there’s not much left to hold on to. People keep trying to get through to them, but nothing seems to stop the storm.

“Hello, this is Doctor ________________________ , I have a prescription to call in.The patient’s name is Richie Halversen, Lortab ten, take every four to six hours prn, DEA number is—”

Richie Halversen’s life had hit rock bottom. Chemical dependency had led him on a downward spiral. The lies, the stealing, the arrests, and the broken promises had reached a critical point. He knew this trip to rehab was the last chance he would ever get. At his very worst, while suffering through withdrawal, Richie heard God’s voice for the first time in forever.

“Richie, if you go out that door, you will die, but if you give Me your life, I promise you, you will live again.”

Opioid use is an epidemic. But all the statistics in the world won’t make the same impact as one true story. Starting that day, Richie’s life began to turn around. God never gave up on Richie, and He won’t give up on you.

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