Daring to Live by Every Word by Melody Mason

Daring to Live by Every Word by Melody Mason

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In times when Christianity is acted out only on weekends, where spirituality has become a spectator sports. Daring to Live by Every Word brings us back to the basic religion of Christ: unapologetic, devoted and committed to a glorious ideal. Let these pages invite you to relish the beauty of God's Word and what it really means to love and worship the Living Word, the One who created, rescued, and redeemed us.


Are you satisfied with a superficial relationship with Jesus? If so, this is not the book for you! But if you are hungry for a deeper authentic relationship with Jesus, then I dare you to read this book! It will change your life! - Gary Blanchard, World Youth director, General Conference Radical. Counter-cultural. What a new generation of Jesus’ followers needs to live as He did: “It is written.” - Dwight Nelson, senior pastor Pioneer Memorial Church, Andrews University Melody strikes again and hits another clear “home run”! Following her popular book Daring to Ask for More, Daring to Live by Every Word confronts every aspect of our Christian walk. Prepare to be transformed! - Kandus Thorp, co-founder, Hope Channel International God’s Word is worth dying for, but it is also worth living by. In this inspiring volume, Melody practically applies the principles of God’s Word to our daily lives. This book is worth reading! - Mark Finley, assistant to the president, General Conference Prepare for your relationship with Jesus to grow in amazing ways as you learn what it means to love and worship God with heart, body, mind, and soul. This book is not just dry theory! It flows out of Melody’s authentic love relationship with Jesus. - Jerry and Janet Page, General Conference Ministerial Association