COVID-19 Facing the Crisis With Confidence

COVID-19 Facing the Crisis With Confidence

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In view of the shocking developments we have witnessed, this Signs of the Times Truth Matters special edition sharing piece on the coronavirus pandemic is a practical and spiritual response to the most significant global health crisis of the 21st century. Knowing the facts will keep your fears at bay and help you face the future with hope!

Inside, readers learn about the disease itself, including prevention techniques, ways to boost the natural immune system, and symptoms of illness. It then tackles the relationship between the pandemic and a spiritual worldview by exploring Bible history and touching on prophecy. Hope crowns the 16-page magazine, reassuring readers that even when trouble comes, God is with us.

Contributors include pastor and evangelist Mark Finley, DDiv; internal medicine physician Lyndi Schwartz; and registered dietitian Rebecca Barnhurst.

Each magazine also includes a Bible study offer!