Amazing Facts Study Guides advanced set / lessons 15 - 27

Amazing Facts Study Guides advanced set / lessons 15 - 27

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You won't find a better series of Bible lessons for personal study or in a group study setting. These can be shared as topical studies one at a time or as part of an overall outreach effort, leading people to truth of the last-day message! Amazing Facts Studies Guides are very popular with churches and have helped thousands discover Bible truth, and each are designed to point seekers to the Savior!

Titles include:

  • Who Is the Antichrist?
  • Angel Messages from Space
  • God Drew the Plans
  • Right on Time! Prophetic Appointments Revealed
  • The Final Judgment
  • The Mark of the Beast
  • The USA in Bible Prophecy
  • The "Other" Woman
  • The Bride of Christ
  • Does God Inspire Astrologists and Psychics?
  • In God we Trust?
  • A Love that Transforms
  • No Turning Back

Each guide is designed to lead readers step-by-step to a proper understanding of Bible doctrines. They are so easy to use that you'll actually have fun using them!

So get them now for your own outreach needs or as part of a church-wide effort. The possibilities are endless and the results are eternal!