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CHRIST'S OBJECT LESSONS - HARD COVER - (By Ellen G. White) Published by Andrews University

CHRIST'S OBJECT LESSONS - HARD COVER - (By Ellen G. White) Published by Andrews University

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  • comfortable hand-sized dimensions
  • high-quality cloth-cover binding
  • classic, highly readable type design
  • beautiful foil stamping
  • elegant gilded edging
  • full-color reproductions of classic works of art

As the first in the “Inspirational Classics” series, this book is a Christian literary classic and perhaps the most widely circulated devotional treatment of Christ’s parables ever published. This new edition presents an original typeset in a time-honored form of book design and manufacture. The illustrations are selected from classic artistic treatments of the parables throughout art history, or are works with imagery that obviously correlates with the theme of a particular parable. Generations of readers have found Christ’s Object Lessons and all of Ellen G. White’s writings unparalleled for their profound biblical literacy, depth of insight, simplicity of expression, and spiritual power.

“This is the finest edition you will ever see of this spiritual classic. Share it proudly!”

Mark Johnson


Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada


    CHAPTER 1: Teaching in Parables

    CHAPTER 2: “The Sower Went Forth to Sow”

    CHAPTER 3: “First the Blade, Then the Ear”

    CHAPTER 4: Tares

    CHAPTER 5: “Like a Grain of Mustard Seed”

    CHAPTER 6: Other Lessons from Seed-Sowing

    CHAPTER 7: Like unto Leaven

    CHAPTER 8: Hidden Treasure

    CHAPTER 9: The Pearl

    CHAPTER 10: The Net

    CHAPTER 11: Things New and Old

    CHAPTER 12: Asking to Give

    CHAPTER 13: Two Worshipers

    CHAPTER 14: “Shall Not God Avenge His Own?”

    CHAPTER 15: “This Man Receiveth Sinners”

    CHAPTER 16: “Lost, and Is Found”

    CHAPTER 17: “Spare It This Year Also”

    CHAPTER 18: “Go into the Highways and Hedges”

    CHAPTER 19: The Measure of Forgiveness

    CHAPTER 20: Gain That Is Loss

    CHAPTER 21: “A Great Gulf Fixed”

    CHAPTER 22: Saying and Doing

    CHAPTER 23: The Lord’s Vineyard

    CHAPTER 24: Without a Wedding Garment

    CHAPTER 25: Talents

    CHAPTER 26: “Friends by the Mammon of Unrighteousness”

    CHAPTER 27: “Who Is My Neighbour?”

    CHAPTER 28: The Reward of Grace

    CHAPTER 29: “To Meet the Bridegroom”

462 Pages