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9 Habits of Healthy Christians

9 Habits of Healthy Christians

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Have you ever known a Christian who almost seems to glow with authentic goodness, regardless of their circumstances? Do you want more joy, love, positivity, and contentment in your life but don't know how to get it? If you'd like to build a genuine relationship with Jesus so powerful that even people around you can feel it, then Nine Habits of Healthy Christians is the book for you.

Authors Annette and Julian Melgosa look at nine key habits-including resilience, serenity, and humility-that when cultivated, produce a deep-rooted, fruitful spirituality. The book's self-help format contains dozens of DIY, how-to assignments that make the principles easy to apply day today.

Finally, because sincere reflection helps people adopt new habits, each chapter closes with thought questions that will deepen your understanding of the principles and help motivate you to action and commitment.

While Nine Habits of Healthy Christians offers scientific research and psychological strategies for personal growth, the authors also emphasize biblical content throughout the book. This complementary approach shows you how through the grace of God these healthy Christian habits can truly take hold.

Dive into Nine Habits of Healthy Christians today and begin to experience the joy, love, and contentment that comes from a life fully surrendered to Jesus.