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60 Years of Guide: Anniversary Story Collection (Pack of 5)

60 Years of Guide: Anniversary Story Collection (Pack of 5)

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Thirty of your favorite storytellers appear in this special collection commemorating Guide magazine’s sixtieth year of publication. In addition, you’ll find classic Guide features and columns, such as Andy’s Gadget Magic, It Happened This Month, Just a Minute With Your Bible, and Pen Pals. Each era of the magazine is represented, making this a book that will be treasured by all ages.

Whether you’ve been reading Guide from its beginning or have enjoyed it anytime over the past six decades, you’ll find yourself inspired anew by the powerful true stories from its pages. This collection will become a classic in your home, serving as a ready resource for worships, children’s stories, and family devotions.

The best storytellers from Guide magazine, all in one place:

  • Arthur Maxwell
  • Norma R. Youngberg
  • Goldie Down
  • Lawrence Maxwell
  • Josephine Cunnington Edwards
  • Randy Fishell
  • Penny Estes Wheeler
  • Karl Haffner
  • and many more!