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Whispers in the Wind by Charles Mills

Whispers in the Wind by Charles Mills

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Quick Overview

“Look at that,” the boy said to his big black horse. “I’ve never seen that kind of clouds before. Must be a storm, and I think it’s comin’ this way.”

The boiling band of clouds and snow bore down from the northwest with fearsome speed. As the horse and rider raced along the curving driveway that led from the logging road to the big house by the creek, Joey felt sharp pellets of ice begin to sting his face.

 “What’s going on?” he called. “Storms don’t move this fast.”        

The blizzard hit the little farm like a giant fist and before long the storm of the century had dumped eight feet of snow on the ground. Did Joey make it to the corral in time? Are Merrilee and Wendy safe? And where, oh where, are Wrangler Barry and Debbie?     

This book by Charles Mills is the second in the series and has three stories in one -- Treasure of the Merrilee, Whispers in the Wind, and Heart of the Warrior.

  • Age Range: 12 and up
  • Grade Level: 7 and up