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Rest in Christ - 3rd Quarter Sabbath School Companion Book

Rest in Christ - 3rd Quarter Sabbath School Companion Book

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Rest has become a hot commodity in our restless age. Managers and CEOs pay hefty sums to participate in workshops and seminars on ways to really find rest. Therapists and counselors diagnose an increasing sense of restlessness and disconnectedness—from ourselves and from the people around us.

For some, the idea of biblical rest is little more than a day off from the rigors of secular life. Yet the true biblical notion of rest is much deeper-rooted, much more profound. Readers will discover that God’s call to rest complements many other tenets of Christian faith, including health, sin, salvation, surrender, death, and more.

This is not a self-help book, offering “10 easy steps” to find rest. Instead, it follows closely the invitation of the Man from Galilee to “come”—especially those who feel “weary and burdened”—and experience His kind of rest (Matthew 11:28).

Each chapter is divided into six easy-to-read sections. Following an overview, the authors examine the effect of worldview on the topics before digging deep into the foundation and supporting Bible texts. Next, practical implications for applying the concepts to real life and an invitation to take a breather make the principles personal.

So “come,” let go of the restlessness, the pride, the struggle, the strife, and surrender to the health, the rhythm, the restoration of true rest in Christ.